Choosing the right words to deliver your message can sometimes be tricky. Michelle will take the guesswork out of communications, and help you develop a cohesive implementation strategy to go along with it.

Start small or go big. Here are just a few of the tasks she can help you tackle.

Storytelling – creating a brand story, refining corporate culture

Blogging – content development, graphics, editorial calendar, design consultation

Article writing – human interest features, special topic articles, thought leadership pieces, photographic essays

How-to writing – instruction guides, manuals, app sheets

Speechwriting – executive remarks, fundraising messaging, event progressions

Sales writing – persuasive pieces, brochures, web pages

Social Media Campaigns – post and graphics creation

Advertising – concept creation, campaigns

Logo Design and Infographics

Editing – document structure and clean up, tone review and correction

Book editing – nonfiction and fiction

Ghostwriting – corporate book projects, memoirs, thought leadership articles

No two projects are alike. Michelle will customize a program to suit your needs, budget, and timeline.

Just give her a call at 404-368-5939.