When Flattening the Curve, What Happens to Self-Care?

Emory University Law School alumna Lynn Garson’s memoir Southern Vapors details her personal journey with depression and recovery. Her second book, Sex and the Single Grandma, takes a humorous look at dating after 50.

Mental health advocate and practicing health care attorney Lynn Garson is all too familiar with the sensation of panic, feelings of hopelessness, and uncertainty that accompany times of emotional crisis. An outspoken force for self-care and mental wellness, Garson’s first book, Southern Vapors, is a mental health recovery memoir “that describes my parallel life as a ‘big law’ lawyer and a person struggling with mental illness and addiction,” she explains.

As coronavirus and COVID-19 sweep our nation and create chaos in our world, Garson wants others experiencing stress to know, “You are not alone. The current crisis is the first serious challenge I have faced after ten years of stability and I have wondered if others are having similar struggles.”

In this podcast, mental health advocate Lynn Garson shares thoughts and resources during the pandemic.

To give voice to her concerns about the welfare of those particularly at risk for mental health and addiction issues, Garson recorded this important podcast to speak with at-risk individuals with a history of depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental health conditions to “share how we can best help ourselves right now,” she says. She encourages others to reach out to her. “If anybody has other ideas, I’d love to hear them.”

Please listen here to learn how to channel your fear into positivity and tap into available resources. Garson urges everyone, “Please take care of yourself and if you need support, PLEASE ask for it.”

Watch Garson’s TEDx Emory talk “Reforming the Approach to Mental Health in the U.S.”

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