APP: Meal Delivery in the time of Coronavirus

Times have changed with ‘Stay at Home’ and self-isolation orders impacting millions nationwide. Borders and schools are closed, non-essential businesses are shuttering their doors, and supermarkets can’t restock fast enough to meet consumer demand. “Still, we all need to eat,” says Matthew Bouchner 20B, co-founder of the MealMe app. With restaurant dining rooms locked to the public, food delivery is essential. “MealMe makes this transition easier for restaurants and inspires food confidence for the housebound.”

“Responsible food delivery is almost a mandate during this global pandemic,” Bouchner notes. Dire predictions for the longevity of local dining establishments in the hospitality industry may abound, but MealMe is committed to connecting proprietors to those who enjoy their food.  “We encourage neighborhood loyalty by linking restaurants with customers who want to help keep them in business.”

Launched March 1 and available for free download at the iOS App Store, “MealMe Explore recommends local restaurants, then identifies the least expensive food delivery service through DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, and others,” he explains. “Companies now advertising zero delivery fees will still add service fees to each orderThrough MealMe, customers can price compare fee-inclusive optionsWith in-home food delivery more important than ever, MealMe helps you smart purchasing decisions.”

Bouchner points out that social interaction among users is also a priority. “MealMe Social builds community connection among local foodies, restaurants and their chefs through shared pictures and conversations. It elevates the foodie experience and can forge bonds in these uncertain times.”

Financial services industry executive Gregg Novek uses MealMe “We order meals for delivery several nights a week. Now that New Jersey is under official ‘Stay at Home’ order, MealMe simplifies food choices, conserves resources, and helps ensure that our favorite restaurants will remain in business.”

After a successful launch of the MealMe app on the iOS App Store, consumer buy-in was immediate. By day two, MealMe ranked in the top 150 in the food and drink category. Market penetration continues to grow with thousands of users in more than 450 cities and 24 different countries.

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