press kit

If you’re writing a school paper, doing background research for an article, or prepping for a special event:

  • Download PDF version of Michelle’s press kit here
  • Download Michelle’s black and white photo here
  • Download Michelle’s color photo here

In the meantime, a few words from Michelle:

Wake up your potential.  Explore your creativity.  Take risks.

Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. . . and take action.

I wish someone had told me I could write novels when I was still a teenager, that I didn’t have to wait until I was older and wiser and more serious.  I didn’t know it was possible, and hadn’t yet learned to fully believe in my creative voice.  So I never tried until I was much older.

Teens can achieve their dreams. It’s a fact.

My best advice:  just take a big breath, believe in yourself and move forward with that first step.  You just might surprise yourself by walking down an amazing path for the rest of your life.

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