dorm room “kitchen” tools

No apron required!

You may live in a 12×12 room with another human and all her stuff, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip satisfying your late-night food cravings.  With a mini-fridge in the room you can cook up craving miracles!

Always check and comply with your school’s regulations first regarding dorm room safety and equipment usage restrictions.

Once you know the rules, consider packing these suggested kitchen essentials when you head to campus:

  • microwave – small is fine
  • electric kettle – choose a hot pot with no exposed interior coils that allows for heating multiple kinds of liquids and noodles
  • potholder
  • quart sized ziploc bags
  • microwave-safe bowl – must fit comfortably inside microwave
  • microwave-safe plate – must fit comfortably inside microwave
  • flexible spatula
  • forks and spoons
  • paring knife
  • small plastic cutting board
  • can opener/bottle opener combination
  • salt and pepper shakers
  • seasoning mix (see recipe)
  • scrubbing sponge and small bottle of dishwashing liquid
  • dish towel

Build on these kitchen basics as dorm space allows.  Remember, wash and reuse your tools — be sweet to the environment and avoid anything but recyclable disposables!

Who says bagels have to be boring?

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