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 She’s here! Meet my Lili!


Lili Carracino’s curves get her in trouble.

Boys bully her. Girls insult her. Cyber strangers stalk her with rumors and lies.

Even with the help of her best friend, Sophie, they can’t seem to stop the harassment at school. And with absentee parents, a pesky little brother, and a fashionable grandmother she barely knows stepping in to take over her life, fourteen-year-old Lili feels lost and alone. The harassment escalates along with her doubts, and Lili is forced to take a hard look at herself — and makes the toughest choice of all.


Praise for Lili:

“Believable and compelling – skillfully portrayed – readers will immediately align themselves with Lili.”



“From page one, readers will root for Lili. Michelle Lane’s story triumphs.”

— Paula Froelich, New York Times Bestselling author of Mercury in Retrograde


“A cautionary tale about gossip gone wrong — Lili understands the solution.”

— David Duley, author of bestselling I Can Fix America


“I loved it – the narrator sounds realistic; she is likeable, and she is going to become, I believe, a great role model for tweens – standing up for herself and loving herself.”

–Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award reviewer


“A wonderful voice – leaves the reader wanting much more!”

Amazon Vine reviewer


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