weird bits

  • Michelle started writing stories as a grade schooler.  The first one she remembers is an epic tale about a boy who time travels through an avalanche.  It’s still in a file box somewhere, waiting for its moment of glory.

    me at 12

  • Michelle is cooking her way around the world, one country at a time, all from her home kitchen.  The project is called 244 Flavors.  She might actually finish this century, too, but she draws the line at constructing a roasting pit in the yard. Maybe.
  • Michelle teaches kids to cook.  She has cooked competitively and won a silver medal, two gold medals and the grand prize in a major international competition.
  • Michelle speaks enough French to sound authentic, restaurant Spanish and only enough German to swear, order food and ask directions.  Right now, she’s diligently trying to become fluent in Italian!  Ciao, bella!
  • Michelle once appeared as an assistant buyer in a Macy’s/Bamberger’s television commercial.
  • Michelle has identical twin brothers, identical twin cousins and identical twin second cousins.  Her grandmother even had identical twin cousins. And they say twins don’t run in families.   Hmm.
  • Michelle has three shih tzus whose impishness is contagious.  Their favorite toy is a fresh roll of paper towels to shred.  In every room.  While she’s not looking.  Seriously.  Meet the two biggest culprits, Brandy and Sienna, right before their first haircut. Cookie’s the snack-loving pup down below.
  • Michelle married her senior prom sweetheart after winning his heart on  a date by making him and his friends a gourmet meal.  The steak and fettucine were good, but the Tator Tots cinched it.  Must have been true love . . .or crunchy potatoes.
  • Michelle is a mom of two great boys who are amazing guitar and bass players.  Her mother is a trained singer.  Her dad is a trumpet player with his own band.  The music gene skipped right over her.  Try though she might, she just can’t carry a tune.



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