I used to write in fountain pen with an old fashioned bottle of ink. After you stain your writing hand black or blue a few times, you might quickly outgrow the habit like I did. Fountain pens are meant for creating luxurious signatures - not heavy duty writing.


Me on top of the world at Yosemite.

Ten writer’s confessions from Michelle Lane:

  • I plot when I’m driving on long car trips.
  • I’m an unintentional eavesdropper in grocery stores, on trains and anywhere people are interesting – and different than me.  Some of my most amazing scenes have been inspired by overhearing a single comment.
  • If I’m on deadline, you’ll probably catch me baking something delicious while I mull over details.
  • I read my character’s dialogue out loud.  If it doesn’t sound real, it’s not good enough.
  • I’m a bookaholic who collects obscure research volumes.
  • I carry a camera with me wherever I go so I won’t forget cool details to enhance a scene.
  • My office is always cluttered with articles, images, books I want to read and objects that inspire me.  Officially, I will never be invited into the neat desk club.
  • I like to use calligraphy markers when I edit a printed manuscript.  I’m not sure how this started, but the editing doesn’t feel right unless I have my favorite pens.
  • I always listen to audio books to appreciate the rhythm and flow of words.

    Santa knows best!

  • I never go anywhere without a pen and paper.  Inspiration often strikes in strange places and my bag is always stocked with blank index cards, just in case the next great idea comes when I’m least expecting it.

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